Where to Buy CBD Oil in Nevada

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an extract of the cannabis plant, which has been in use in various cultures for hundreds of years. Of the 113 cannabinoid compounds known to be found in cannabis, cannabidiol is one that comes from a specific type of hemp which should not be confused with the marijuana plant.

Some health care practitioners suggest combining CBD oil with other cannabinoids, along with flavonoids and terpenes, to achieve some amazing health benefits. CBD oil does not have any known intoxicating or psychoactive effects.

Curious as to where to buy CBD oil in Nevada? Consider Mint Wellness!

Why Buy Organic CBD Oils from Mint Wellness?

We only use hemp to create our CBD oil because it contains low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana responsible for its intoxicating effect. We remove even the trace amounts of THC found in hemp through an industry-leading process. Third party lab tests have found no detectable levels of THC in our CBD. Hence, with our products, you can take advantage of the healthy benefits of CBD oil without any of the intoxication that comes with THC.

We guarantee our hemp CBD oil 100%. If you’re not fully satisfied with the product within 30 days of purchase, return it for a full refund. Our fast, friendly customer service team will be happy to assist you with finding a solution that works for you should you ever have any issues with our products.

Benefits of Using Mint Wellness CBD Products

All Natural and Proudly Grown in the USA: Unlike many CBD oils on the market, our hemp products are always grown and processed in the USA. Holding to strict growing standards, we oversee the production of our CBD oil from beginning to end, seed to softgel. While our product may not be the cheapest on the market, it does meet our high standards of responsibility to you, our customer.

Consistent Manufacturing and Stringent Quality Controls: Our manufacturing facility is fully compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines and is GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified.

Enhanced Absorption: For easier absorption into the digestive system, our product comes in a softgel that dissolves in water. This softgel formula is absorbed two times better than CBD oil in an oil-based tincture form. You’ll see quicker results with smaller doses versus a tincture product.

Broad Spectrum: We use a hemp strain called PCR hemp to provide a product with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids. By ingesting a broad spectrum of cannabinoids plus natural terpenes, you don’t just get the benefit of CBD, you get the “entourage effect” of all the plant’s nutrients working together in combination.

Industry Leader in Innovation: Through a patent-pending process, we remove all traces of chlorophyll, THC, and waxes, yet leave behind the full range of naturally-occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. The resulting product is both potent and pure.

Premium Grade: Our strict quality control practices ensure that our products will never contain binders, dyes, fillers, inactive ingredients, or unknown substances, allowing us to label them as premium grade. The manufacturing process we use ensures our products never come into contact with pesticides, metals, or products that contain THC.

Where Can You Find Mint Wellness CBD in Nevada?

Unfortunately, Mint Wellness' premium grade CBD oil products are not yet in local stores in Nevada. 

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