The Best CBD Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that the ultimate day of romance is almost upon us.  But until then, many of us can end up scrambling, trying to choose the perfect gift for our loved one.  There seems to be a lot of pressure to choose a gift that’s personal, romantic, useful and unique, all at once.  Needless to say, it can be daunting.

But, maybe it’s time to consider the gift of cannabidiol (CBD).  CBD-infused formulas don’t have to seem so clinical, now that we have flavorful gummies, high-tech skincare and soothing bath products that all incorporate hemp extract to offer a much-needed mellowing, uplifting effect to the body and mind.  And, let’s be real – our special someone could likely really use some CBD, right?

The Real Love of CBD

If your significant other could benefit from some fresh, top-quality hemp, then this gift guide is for you.  We’ll be going over the most romantic CBD products that are on the market, that have that personal, thoughtful touch while really saying “I love you.”

#1: CBD Face Crème from I Need Mint

If your loved one is into skincare, this CBD Face Crème is where it’s at.  It’s infused with a blissful 500mg CBD per 100ml.  Plus, has an ultra-rich formula that will offer dramatic levels of hydration and moisture for a dewy, young, and radiant appearance.  The all-natural ingredients work together to transform the skin without the use of harsh chemicals that kill the mood, offering up a high-end spa experience in one quaint little jar.

#2: Max Chill CBD Shot from Hemp Bombs

If your special someone could use a chill pill, then this Max Chill CBD Shot is the way to go.  The tasty raspberry flavor is reminiscent of a luxurious Valentine’s Day dessert, but that’s beside the point – this potent shot-sized beverage offers a luscious combination of 100mg worth of cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to activate their inner sense of bliss so that they can feel at ease while you embrace your more romantic side.

#3: Activate CBD Face Mask from I Need Mint 

If your loved one is a spa enthusiast, bring the spa experience home to them with this glorious face mask.  Something as little as a luxury face mask can lift their spirits and make them feel like engaging in some self-care – something all of us could use a little more of – all while the CBD inside this mask absorbs into the skin to offer the compound’s balancing effects to the complexion.  It comes in the form of an intensely hydrating sheet mask that conveniently acts as a single-use skincare product with maximum benefits.  The all-natural formula means that it behaves gently on the skin while offering nothing but nourishing plant properties where they’re most needed.  

#4: CBD Bath Bomb 3-Pack from Koi Naturals 

What’s more romantic than a nice, long soak in the tub?  These bath bombs really go above and beyond to convert your run of the mill bath into something spectacularly soothing and invigorating, with 3 individual bath bombs that each boast an intoxicating fragrance that comes strictly from essential oils.  Each bath bomb also fills your tub with 100mg of pure CBD, which gets absorbed through the skin and into those tired muscles.  Trust us when we say that CBD can really take your bath ritual to a whole new level of luxury.

#5: Body Butter CBD Infused Lotion from I Need Mint 

On Valentine’s Day, it’s time to pull out the richest and most luxurious lotion possible – in this case, this glorious CBD body butter which works hard to leave the skin as soft and silky smooth as possible.  Massaging it onto the body is like the ultimate self-care treatment, leaving behind skin that’s supple and calmer than before, thanks in part to the generous serving of pure CBD extract.  The all-natural formula makes this a safe bet for those with sensitive skin, while the peppermint and tea tree essential oils leave the skin tingling while exhilarating the senses.

#6: Cotton Candy CBD Bath Bomb from I Need Mint 

We already talked about what a CBD bath bomb can do for your loved one’s standard bathing ritual.  But, this bath bomb really takes the cake when it comes to luxury, offering the scent of sugary cotton candy that will help get them into the spirit of romance.  Meanwhile, the pink and blue swirls of the bath bomb tell you that your bathwater is going to be magnificently colorful to add to the sensory experience.  Each bath bomb contains 200 milligrams of CBD, and these babies are massive, so a good, long soak will be in order.

#7: CBD Gummy Chews from I Need Mint 

If your special someone loves their sweets, then these tasty gummies are the perfect choice.  They come in a variety pack consisting of zesty lime, juicy mango, sweet strawberry, crisp watermelon and tart blue raspberry flavors, while offering natural, clean ingredients that feel as good as they taste.  Each gummy contains 40 milligrams of THC-free, cannabinoid-rich broad spectrum hemp extract, with 20 gummies total in each elegantly designed jar.  

CBD: The Perfect Way to Say “I Love You”

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give your loved one something that will improve their daily lives.  And, there’s nothing better than the holistic care that can be provided by the hemp plant and it’s leading chemical compound, CBD.  These products all provide a generous helping of the cannabinoid, in a way that feels romantic, luxurious and extra special.

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