Keep Your Skin Looking its Finest with the Help of CBD

All of us could use a little help in the skincare department.  Whether we’re dealing with acne, redness, dryness, signs of aging or what have you, we all have targeted needs as everyone’s skin is unique.  Today’s skincare market offers more solutions than ever before, but if there’s one often overlooked skin-boosting compound, it’s CBD.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that works with the various systems of the body to promote regulation and balance.  While most of us associate these effects with things like mood, physical discomfort and sleep, these same balancing properties can relate directly to our skin.  And so, the CBD skincare industry is starting to make its mark thanks to its versatility, combined with its gentleness and refreshingly holistic nature.

What Can CBD Offer to the Skin?

CBD, being a cannabinoid, has the unique ability to attach itself to cannabinoid receptors which are found all throughout the body, which are part of the endocannabinoid system.  The job of these receptors is to regulate processes that exist within their respective bodily systems, such as the nervous system, digestive system, etc.  

When CBD attaches to these cannabinoid receptors, that’s when the regulatory effects can take place.  All of this works toward bodily homeostasis, when all of our systems work in equilibrium.

So, what does this have to do with the skin?  Well, the skin is one of many systems of the body.  And, so it has cannabinoid receptors that respond to CBD by regulating skin-related functions, which directly affect how our skin looks and feels each day.

So, what are the more specific effects that CBD can offer to the skin?  Let’s see what the research says.

#1: Acne 

One of the worst lies we’ve ever been told about skincare is that acne is a problem that only affects you when you’re a teen.  Everything from imbalanced hormones to dietary allergies can trigger acne, no matter how old you are.  

If you want to try CBD for acne, we’re here for it.  Studies have shown that the cannabinoid has properties that can be great for managing acne, including bacteria-killing properties that specifically fight acne-causing germs.  In addition to that, a 2014 study showed that CBD has sebostatic properties which can regulate sebocytes, which control the production of sebum.  When sebum production becomes excessive, the pores of the skin become clogged which leads to breakouts.

#2: Aging

CBD is also known for its powerful antioxidant properties, which can benefit the skin by battling free radicals that damage skin cells and lead to the physical signs of aging.  Antioxidants have long been established as extremely valuable compounds for skincare, which can make the skin look younger, while adding to its resilience.  They can reverse skin aging caused by exposure to external factors like pollution, smoking and sun damage.

#3: Inflammation

Inflammation can rear its ugly head in all kinds of ways that take away from your skin’s health, but with CBD, help can be on the way.  CBD’s noted anti-inflammatory properties can gently but effectively reduce redness, flaking and other signs of inflammation when applied directly to the skin.  In fact, studies have found that CBD can have a positive effect on inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  At the same time, these anti-inflammatory properties can be useful to those who have acne, by reducing swelling and pain, and helping the skin heal more quickly. 

The Best CBD Products for Skincare 

Now that you know what CBD can offer to your skincare game, let’s move onto some specific products that you can try.  As is always the case with the CBD market, not all products are created equally.  But, these formulas below combine the latest skincare discoveries with high standards relating to hemp, to ensure nothing but the best results possible.

CBD Face Crème: This CBD-rich face cream combines the power of the hemp plant with a host of natural plant derivatives that work overtime to restore your skin without the use of synthetic chemicals.  Coconut oil provides intensive moisture, while aloe vera offers a soothing effect that’s great for irritation.

Active CBD Face Mask: If your skin needs a nice drink of hydration, this face mask is the way to go.  It’s a single-use sheet mask that infuses the skin with intensive hydrating factors along with an active serving of hemp extract.

Incorporating CBD into Your Skincare Routine 

Whether you have an existing skincare routine or not, it’s easy to add CBD into the mix.  There are a few rules to follow when using any new skincare product, including those that use CBD as their active ingredient.

  • Know the Order of Skincare: There’s an order to the products that you should apply to your face each day, that can make a big difference in results.  First, start with your cleanser.  From there, add your products in order from the thinnest in consistency to the thickest, so that each one can absorb fully.  Make sure that your CBD skincare product is added according to its consistency level.
  • Use Consistently for the Best Results: All skincare products rely on us to use them consistently in order for them to work.  The same is true of CBD skincare.  Consider using a CBD skincare product once or twice daily to maintain its benefits.
  • Use on Exfoliated Skin for Deeper Penetration: Skin that’s been exfoliated absorbs other products more effectively.  Consider using an exfoliant each day, whether it be a physical exfoliant like a scrub, or a chemical exfoliant like glycolic acid, vitamin A (retinol) or lactic acid.
  • Patch Test if You’re Sensitive: If you have sensitive skin that breaks out easily or becomes irritated, do a patch test for a week.  Pick a small area on your face that’s about an inch in diameter, and apply the new product only to that area.  If the area remains unaffected, then you’re in the clear.
  • Give it Time: Few skincare products can solve your problems over night.  Give CBD a couple of weeks to really make its positive mark on your complexion.  In other words, be patient!

CBD: The New Skincare Frontier 

CBD is proving itself to be extremely useful when it comes to managing our skin – and, the science is there to prove it.  The good news is that you don’t have to slather your face in formulas not intended for skin.  Today’s hemp market is giving us some extremely targeted skincare formulas that are made specifically with the needs of our complexions in mind.

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