How to use a CBD bath bomb

CBD Bath bombs are a great way to enhance your bathing experience. They come in many different scents or flavors and colors, and are often filled with top grade CBD and skin relaxing oils and scents. But how does one use this CBD ball of bath? This blog will not only explain how to use a CBD bath bomb with lots of details, but also provide you tips on how to pick one, and ideas for how to make your CBD bath bomb experience the most relaxing and peaceful as can be.

Below are the following steps on how to properly use a CBD Bath Bomb 

  1. Choose a bath bomb.
  2. Consider wrapping the bath bomb with fabric.
    1. If the bath bomb has flower petals or something like that, placing the bath bomb in a cloth bag will prevent the flowers to going into the bath drain.
  3. Consider cutting your bath bomb in half.
    1. Sometimes the bath bombs are expensive and you can use the 2nd half for your next bath.
  4. Plug the bathtub and fill it with water.
  5. Put the bath bomb in the water. 
  6. Get undressed and step into the tub.
  7. Sit back in the tub and relax
  8. Get out of the tub when the water gets cold and dry off
  9. Consider rinsing off in the shower
  10. Clean the tub.

We Have More Uses For Bath Bombs

  1. Plan to use your bath bomb soon
    1. They don't last forever
  2. Use a bath bomb for sinus relief
  3. Use a bath bomb for aromatherapy.
  4. Use your bath bomb as an air freshener

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