Benefits of CBD and Yoga!!

CBD is and has been growing extremely fast in popularity. It will magically transform your yoga routine drastically for reasons that I will explain to you shortly.

Here’s another seemingly cryptic concept — could CBD help our culture better live in the now? Maybe shift our brain chemistry, even, so we can focus more on the present moment?

Enhancing the Effects of Yoga with CBD

Yogis (people who do yoga) like CBD due to its capacity in enhancing and supporting the many benefits of yoga. It is known that when one mixes CBD and yoga together, they work with one another in harmony. In fact, besides complimenting each other, they actually enhance each other’s benefits..providing you relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. CBD and yoga — it's actually an age-old combination that’s just now making a comeback.

Yoga itself is as old as society, the basis of the practice has remained unhinged. Yoga is used to promote inner awareness but in contemporary times we have learned that yoga benefits the body in other ways as well. One such benefit mixes with the effects of CBD and the system it flows through…called the endocannabinoid system aka ECS.

Benefits of CBD and Yoga:

CBD is a natural fit for gentle or calm yoga classes, not Bikram Hot Yoga. It's only natural to incorporate CBD into a yoga regimen since it can:

  • Improve vitality
  • Help with entire body discomfort
  • Increases mood
  • Reduces normal inflammation

Below are just a few more of the ways that CBD could benefit yogis of all levels:

  1. Better adaptation
  2. Improved mind-body connection
  3. Increased focus
  4. Reduced inflammation
  5. Enhanced inner awareness
  6. Faster muscle recovery

Yoga Adaptation Using CBD

Although the idea that CBD can better bridge the gap between consciousness and movement may seem more mystical than scientific — there’s some truth to the statement.  CBD may play an equally important role in this area. Many users report feeling more focused and intuitive when they take the plant compound.

Compliment Meditation

Since meditation is the core aspect of yoga, CBD could help slow the speeding thoughts in your mind down, and allow you to experience calmer more serene vibes.

Get Your Mind Yoga-Ready

In some situations, it could take you over 20 minutes before you begin feeling focused enough to truly feel ready for the yoga class. This time can be crucial in a one-hour class, so we recommend you take the CBD 30 minutes prior to the start of the yoga class. CBD will help create a yoga ready mind, helping you to let go of stress, and clear your head, so you'll be ready to flow into the yoga state of mind quicker.

Helps With Yoga Postures and Poses

It is well known that CBD is an efficient anti-inflammatory compound. It interacts with your body's immune system's T-cells to decrease lymphocytes production. Lymphocytes are the things that cause redness and swelling around the injury site. Likewise, yoga's physical exercise helps work out your body's pressures, and reduce pain. Therefore, CBD can reduce pain, making it simpler to strike poses and postures in yoga which can be tough for the non limber people. Stress also causes people to be less limber. 

Helps With Recovery

Yoga is usually a relaxing way of exercising and burning calories, but it can be difficult work. You engage in a lot of planks, pushups and other muscle strengthening moves in a one-hour vinyasa class. Usually taking CBD after a hard yoga class can help you recover quicker by reducing soreness, fighting inflammation and soothing the tightness in your joints and muscles.

Wrap Up Statements

The ideal goal of yoga practice is to improve your health, it does not matter if you are a yoga starter or a master of the art, taking CBD will only help your skill and moment in yoga class. CBD is not some cure-all medication, but can be just a simple helpful tool to get your body and mind tuned into class quicker.  CBD has so many effects, but the most vital one for you in yoga is that it will enhance the mind body connection via ECS, improving the adaptation via local activation in the muscle tissues, reducing inflammation, and sparking focus and concentration during your yoga practice.  So time to get a dog down with the CBD.


Have you incorporated CBD with your yoga practice? Share your experiences in the comments below. Also Try Lighting One of Our Friends Handmade Candles

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