5 Main Reasons Why CBD isnt Working For You

Statistics have proven that 64% of Americans know about CBD, and approximately 64 million people have tried it. Of the many users, 22% don’t trust CBD, while 64% consider it effective. If you fall in the 22% category, it’s only normal to crave knowing why CBD doesn’t work for you. Some reasons for CBD not working are genetically related, while others relate to the product you use. Whether you’re ingesting or topically applying your CBD products, here are some main reasons you’re not getting the best results.

Reason #1: Using a Low-Grade CBD Product

The CBD market is yet to be fully regulated. No particular government body is assigned to set and monitor manufacturing and labeling standards. Leading and trusted brands create their CBD-infused products in FDA-approved facilities and pass those products through comprehensive testing for quality and potency. Unfortunately, unscrupulous manufacturers have invaded the industry, creating contaminated and under-dosed fake products.

Low-grade CBD products have low dosages of THC cannabis strains. The manufacturers never use the right processes and technologies to separate CBD from naturally-occurring compounds, cannabinoids, and compounds. Although the hemp oil infused in premium CBD products is sourced directly from licensed and credited U.S-based farmers, hemp oil infused in low-grade products is imported from Eastern Europe or China.

In the case of substandard CBD formulas, manufacturers use non-organic CBD extracts that contain pollutants and heavy metals. As for premium CBD-infused formulas, they use pure CBD extracts safely extracted through supercritical CO2 extraction. 

Differentiating substandard and premium CBD formulas require doing the following:

  • Only settle for products with organic hemp oil. Organically grown and processed hemp oil is pure, safe, and clean, unlike in-organically cultivated and processed hemp.
  • Search for third-party lab analysis certificates. Lab tests verify the effectiveness and purity of CBD contained in a product.
  • Comprehensively read online reviews. Look for third-party ranking websites and blogs that review and rank CBD products based on efficiency, quality, and reliability.

Reason #2: Not Taking CBD on a Consistent Basis Coupled with Being Impatient

Every good-quality and safely manufactured CBD product has instant and long-term effects. Long-term effects may take weeks or months, while short-term effects take 30 to 90 minutes. Immediately after consuming CBD, you’ll be relieved of body aches and mild anxiety. However, if you’re using CBD to deal with chronic sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression, you must consistently use the formula for several weeks.

CBD is linked to many benefits, including assisting smokers in quitting the habit, helping drug addicts manage withdrawal, treating epilepsy and seizures, combating type 1 diabetes, soothing neuropathic pain, and soothing multiple sclerosis. The right CBD product consumed per the predetermined dosage can relieve all of these conditions, but it won’t happen overnight.

In most research studies, the dosages for alleviating different health conditions differed. Often researchers use dosages between 300 and 600 mg3 for anxiety, 600mg daily/7 days for psychosis, and 10mg daily/7 days for bowel disease. They use 50 to 600 mg daily/8 days to alleviate cancer-related pains, 25mg daily/2 day to alleviate poor sleep, and 75mg to 300 mg daily/9 days to alleviate Parkinson’s disease. These dosage preferences have proven that it takes time for CBD to work effectively. Therefore, if you only took CBD for two days and stopped, or you’re never consistent when taking CBD, it’s time you added consistency and patience to the equation to enjoy the many benefits of CBD.

Reason #3: Might Need a Different or Additional Product Type/Delivery Method

Different CBD-infused formulas have varied delivery systems. Tinctures have a liquid formula and require dropping a couple of drops under or on the tongue. The CBD dosages in many tinctures range between 100mg and 1000mg. You’ve to swallow the liquid immediately and ingest as much liquid content as you can sub-bilingually do. Tinctures are the most common CBD intake method, popularly known for their high bioavailability that ensures most CBD content is absorbed into your system.

Capsules are easier to consume and contain CBD content ranging from 10 to 25 mg. Capsules can be taken with water or added to food. Gummies have high CBD content, with best formulas having up to 1500mg of CBD. They’re convenient and easy to use. Both gummies and capsules take longer to be absorbed into your system, and the CBD that ends up in your bloodstream is as well lower.

CBD topicals such as lip balms, lotions, and salve have grown popular today. Manufacturers of the best-quality topical products use micellization, nano-technology, and encapsulation to extract their CBD. CBD sprays are slowly gaining momentum, but they contain the lowest CBD content, ranging from 1 to 3 mg. Sprays and topicals have zero bioavailability since they’re not introduced to your blood but applied to your skin, binding with cannabinoid receptors.

Introducing CBD to your body through vaping or smoking is best way ever. Vaped CBD enters into the lungs directly, which guarantees fast absorption. However, the CBD content in most vapes is low, one of the reasons you might not get your issues addressed after vaping.

Reason #4: Haven't Found Your "Sweet Spot" or Proper Dosage Amount

Everyone’s body metabolism is unique. The way your body metabolizes CBD capsules or tinctures is different from how a friend or family member’s body will do it. In other words, the CBD content your body needs to make a positive impact on your health is not the exact amount your friend needs. You might find that you’re taking two CBD gummies per day containing 500mg CBD and at the end of a week, your friend has achieved their health goal while you haven’t even felt any impact.

Before you question the potency and efficiency of a CBD product, find out whether you’re using the right product in the proper dosage. If gummies, tinctures, and sprays have failed you, don’t stop there. Try vapes and topicals. Likewise, if 200mg of CBD dose daily hasn’t benefited you, consider raising the dosage to 300mg and later 400mg. You’ll be surprised at how changing a CBD dose or product changes the whole situation to your benefit.

Reason #5: Simply Need Additional Time to Get Used to CBD

As you’ve been told multiple times, CBD is not a miracle product that can miraculously enable you achieve your wellness goals in a day. Sure, CBD has the capability to do all that, but it requires enough time to bind with your endocannabinoid system and take control over your varied body functions. You can’t stop taking CBD-infused formulas after several days and blame them for not working effectively. Low-quality products will never work and deliver the results you want even if you use them for years.

However, if you’re using a premium CBD product from a trusted world brand but it does not work after some weeks or days, you don’t need to quit yet. Give it more time. Maybe, your body system has a low metabolism, and it’s taking longer to metabolize the CBD. Perhaps, the problem you’re trying to treat needs more CBD content to heal. Instead of calling it quits, consider using the CBD product in question for more days or weeks.

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